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Translate your product or data into web video that is fun to watch.

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“Working with Gregory was fantastic and we will definately work with him again in the future. He is very professional, creative and personal – a charm to work with =)”

Christene Bucknell, Producer

“I have work with Greg on a few occasions now and he has always done a great job for us when needed. He is easy to work with and will always do what’s needed to help us exceed our clients expectations.”

Warren Green, Producer

“Gregory is very helpful. He came up with creative ideas to build on our brief. Ideas that delighted us.”

Neil Davidson, Founder & CEO

Do you ever wonder: How to make a video go viral, so your product becomes implausibly famous?

I'm sure you will agree with me
it's a challenge to figure out how to attract customers to your business. Every expert tells you to do "inbound marketing" or "content marketing" and rely on social media. You may have also heard, web video does miracles in epic content marketing.

Does it?
It's a known fact that visual information chip in our brains works 60'000 times faster than the worthy reading circuits. For that reason, video is digested faster than anything else. Marketers long ago realized it can be used to increase sales substantially. "How to make a video go viral" became the Holy Grail of digital media production.

According to Kissmetrics,

"Considering that video now appears in 70% of the top 100 search results listings, and that viewers are anywhere from 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a product video – this is one marketing force you can’t afford to ignore."

Why content marketing is important?
Some clients have a nice product, but no one knows about it. Sometimes it's a product that no one knows how to use. Or the product is still just an idea, but they want to check demand. As it's no longer enough to have fake inbound links to show up hight on Google today, the only way to go are the new marketing strategies. This means you need to produce actual content, that people like and find useful. According to recent data, it's video what is rapidly becoming the Web's favourite content.

How to create a video:
You can make it yourself. There even are online tools like Powtoon. Though they definitely do the job, it's hard to make something professional with just a tool and no experience. You can find bunches of free lancers on and similar sites. But in reality, they often are fluent with tools, but not actually know how to make a promotional video or a startup explainer.

Want to know the best part?
There are a zillion explainer video production houses on Google. Surprisingly, they all do the same. Almost every explainer video maker uses the same style, so it's hard to tell one video from another. In some sense it's a trap for businesses, as you need to stand out from competitors to become visible. It's a key habit to always attempt to make handcrafted business promo videos that are more than just explainers - we have even made puppet videos, with success.

You can take this for granted:

To stand out, you need to look different than the crowd. We will burn our brains to make it possible.

Would you like to see some examples of recent projects? Have a look at the prices?

Or, maybe talk about how we can help you? All advice and quotes are free.

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For explainer video, perfect lenght is between 60 and 90 seconds. It can be longer, but user attention quickly drops after that point.

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Most projects last between 2 and 4 weeks. We can work faster sometimes, but please keep in mind fast client feedback is crucial in such situation. Also, keep in in mind that good web video needs it’s time.

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Please have a look at the pricing table. Prices include script, storyboarding, graphic design, voice over and – finally – animation.

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You can cancel the project at any time. However, we will keep the 30% you paid up front.

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Certainly, we have a number of permanent clients, who trust we keep secrets. No information related to your projects is going to leak. Also, we will not show you other client’s materials.

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At every stage mentioned above, you have 2 sets of amends guaranteed. Usually much more.

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Certainly we will. We take it seriously. We have signed several NDAs with various clients.

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Yes. We work for various agencies and we often don’t put these projects into portfolio.

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Usually we follow a few simple steps, which include the script, voice over, style frame, storyboard, video, music & sound effects. At every stage we will ask you for your opinion and comments.

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Once it is completed and you have paid the invoice, you are the only owner.

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Once you accept our offer, we will ask you to pay 30% up front. The remaining 70% should be paid once when the final video is approved. Once paid, you will receive a link to the high resolution files.

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