Last year or two have been the time of explainer videos. They appeared everywhere. Many companies tried to back their activity up with solid research, statistics and reports. Others, have been doing fabulous animation, that large studios wouldn’t rebuff for their portfolio. Every day I get a newsletter, convicting me to make an explainer video that is going to save my business, sky rocket sales and solve all problems.

In this world of unlimited creativeness something strange happened. The more explainer videos I watch, the stronger belief I have they all look the same. Regardless how much scientific gabble the company puts into it’s social media, the typical explainer video is a bunch of doodle characters, who get saved from their problems in 90 seconds.

Despite unlimited possibilities, all these videos look virtually the same. It’s usually hard to tell which company made which. Sometimes you can get an impression they all have been made from one template. Even the elements appear the same way. Have you noticed the little lines striking around while something pops out?

I know,  it’s the clients who push us to do the same stuff again and again. They all want to stand out, but in the end they tend to choose something typical and worn out.

For this reason, whenever I see an explainer that stands out in some way, I’m surprised someone was brave enough to try something new. This is my personal list of creative explainers. It doesn’t mean they are perfect. But they show someone tries something new from time to time. And this is optimistic.


Emtek by Animotus

On one hand it’s just a normal, flat vector grapics. On the other hand, you can easily tell someone has a good taste there. I like the outlined graphics. In some details it reminds me children books by Martin Widmark and Helena Willis


Friend or Follow by WeAnimate

The one and only explainer video I can recall that uses classic puppetry. At some points paper craft and stop motion techniques are used.


Contact Appliance Repair Guys by Loose Keys

Remember the 80s Money For Nothing music video? They definitely have something in common. It’s a very original and brave idea compared to other explainer videos.


Adtech Attendeee by Broadcast2world

A really well done comic book animation. I mean one that really looks like a comic book. Good style and fonts make it consistent. The general idea is not something new under the sun, but it’s really interesting, how rarely this idea is being used in explainer video production.


Blizzabo promotional video by Cartoon Media

It’s pretty much similar to any other explainer video, except a surprisingly good load of humour. While in most explainer videos comic quality is rather imposed, here it’s actually quite engaging.


Cornerdrop by The Cuillin Collective

It’s the logical layout and movement combined, what makes this rather simple animation joy to watch. The movement from left to right, like while reading, makes the story development logical and fluid. Really well done.


CDW – Mobile Security by Daily Planet Productions

A very interesting combination of simplified, but well done 3D graphics with live act of the actual client talking on the subject.


GN Platform by WeAnimate

A clean and sleek technical explainer video. The modern and minimalistic style makes it pleasure to watch.


Zone Mail by Green Iguana

Surprisingly creative video, given the boring subject. At some points the designs suck, but the general idea is awesome.


Proact by Grumo Media

Basically it’s just a normal explainer video. But what makes it special and standing out is the really well done animation. This reminds me the classic “Once upon a time … Life” cartoon.


MyGravyTrain by Kasra Design

This outstanding video has very distinct style, obtained by using 3D software in isometric perspective. It has the mild old school feel and keeps viewer’s attention for a long time.


Apsee by Media Whale

This is pretty much a classic explainer video, like many around. But notice amazing seamless story flow, combined with nice, smooth animation.


What am I doing with my life? by Mypromovideos

Simple, clean graphics, amazing smooth transitions. I love the sleek style, with no unnecessary elements.


Tapp by thinkmojo

At the first glance, simple vector graphic. But just a second after running you realize, it’s a completely new quality. No need to mention the awesome animation.




Top 10+ Really Creative Explainer Videos
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