Prices below are typical rates at which we produce our videos. We are always open for long term partnerships, so we can offer you additional discounts for larger orders. All prices include whole production process, that means: script, look&feel samples, storyboarding, animatic and animation. Please feel free to contact us in case you have any questions.

Please note, there are many videos we can not show on our website. They can be viewed upon request.

Quality Videos
Whiteboard Animation Popular animation of a hand holding a pen, drawing the story. Custom graphic designs, additional animation to make the elements more dynamic, 3D effects like perspective. Usually about 90s long.  example  10 £900
Animated Explainer Video Typically 2D animation with 3D eye candies, additional 3D effects like perspective, custom characters. Usually about 90s long.  example   example  10 £900
Corporate Video A modern combination of video footage and sleek 2D/3D motion graphics. Usually about 90s-120s long.  example  5 £600
Animated intro Modern 2D or 3D animation. About 10s long.  example  4 £300
Animated Website Header (Banner) Modern 2D animation, typically in technical style. Usually about 20s long.  example  3 £250
Animated GIF Often used as email header for serious mailing campaigns. 1 £150

Special options and discounts
BACKLINK OPTION 25% discount on any video, for clients who insert a permanent „dofollow” link to us into their home page, for example in Partners section. PageRank 2+ websites.