Twitter is a great thing. Millions of people posting millions of thoughts to the world every minute. There is no better way to disseminate ideas, learn new things, see what other people say and think.

However, something wrong is happening to Twitter recently. It’s becoming more and more filled with people for whom it’s just another marketing tool.

They are guys, who play a game. Game of influence. Who has most followers, wins. Well, at least that is what they believe in. Someone apparently told them Twitter was a huge tube for selling stuff to people.

There are certain types of users you should avoid every time you see them on horizon. They are not interested in any way in you, or what you want to tell them. They are just people (and often just machines) whose lone goal is to sell you stuff. Some of them just collect followers for sale. For these reasons, there is no point to follow them.



Type 1: “Following equals followers”

They are kind of guys, who have the same number of followers as the number of people they follow. One of basic techniques to gain followership is to start following some unaware people. They are so surprised someone is interested in their tweets, they instantly feel obliged to follow back. Well, this is the way honest people act, isn’t it? The type described here know that. They don’t read your tweets, but they certainly care to spam you properly with their owns.


Type 2: “Thanks for following”

You start to follow people who you find interesting. Suddenly, you get a notification someone mentioned you. For a budding Twitter user it’s always a heartbeat. You discover someone thanked you for following them! While it’s nice, you should look carefully at that person.

The reason is, honest people rarely do that. Usually, it’s done by marketers for whom such thankyous are just one of normal selling techniques. It’s pretty likely, the whole account is just to tweet about nothing, and to target you with a product the guy is selling from time to time.


Type 3: “Oh, you are so influential!”

One day you get a notification someone added you to a “Top Influencers” list. Before you thank them, or even worse, follow them back, think twice. Let’s face it, you are probably no kind of an influencer at all. You are just a guy who tweets from time to time. So, if someone did this, they knew you would follow them back. Or send them a thank you, so everyone else can see.


Type 4: “Tweeting dusk to dawn”

Before following someone, always have a look at their profile. Good look, good bio, decent number or followers.

But suddenly you notice they have 4.3k tweets. That means they tweet 20 times a day and have 20 hands and 10 heads. In other words, they are actually a team of people, not a single person. This may not be something absolutely bad as long as the tweets are interesting. Popular websites and companies have such accounts.

But be aware the user is not going to read anything you write. You are going to read them!


Type 5: “Optimistic spammers”

It’s always a good idea to have a look through recent tweets by someone you are going to follow. There is a number of accounts led by some desperate entrepreneurs who were told Twitter was good for marketing. Such accounts are full of rubbish like “Did you see our latest offer today?”, even the avatar is some soulless logo. Keep away!


Type 6: “Thousands of followers, boring tweets”

You don’t have to strive hard to have bunches of followers. Just go to, or similar website and hire someone with thousands of fake accounts. They will click two times and from now on 5000 of virtual people will follow your output.

Many budding business people who want to look serious, just pay the $5 for not having to start from zero. You can tell it’s a wind-up, as no one with such dull tweets can have many followers – it’s against nature. But it’s also a well known fact, they are more likely to get followed when a couple of thousands already follow them.

Of course, they are absolutely not interested in your tweets. And usually they have nothing interesting to be tweeted. They are just guys who want to look cool on LinkedIn.


Type 7: “No followers at all” or “@KillMePlease”

People who are so strange or repulsive, no one is following them. Zero, null, nothing. Even though they tweet from time to time. They are a plethora of self destructive emos, misunderstood artists or not too healthy people. They can be really spooky. Avoid!


Type 8: So called “experts” and “life coaches”

At first glance you recognize a smiling guy with porcelain teeth. Or an Asian lady wearing a suit. They have 50k followers and follow 50k. The bio claims they are something like Chief Sales Trainer, Sales Coach, Keynote Speaker or Sales Expert.

All they do is push bullshit into your head. You instantly learn that if you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up. And “10 Peter Drucker Quotes That May Change Your World” will help you.

A good point about wasting time in general is this post I found recently.


Any more?

While the above are just examples, avoiding them will save you a lot of time and nerves. I’m curious what other types of toxic users you have encountered during your time with Twitter. Please use the comments below to drop me some hints.


Twitter users who will waste your time
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